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Help For Depression In Winnetka, IL

Neurofeedback brain training makes it possible to get permanent relief for depression without medications!

Depression Relief With Neurofeedback

Depression can change the way you feel about all aspects of your life. This changed view usually affects you with a negative perception on the way you see yourself, your life, and even other people who are in your life. Depression is a common occurrence, and affects millions of Americans to varying degrees. Depression is commonly associated with anxiety as well.

Symptoms of depression include:

Increased levels of fatigue, or reduced energy levels
Feeling irritable, agitated, worried and/or restless
Disruptions to sleep, appetite, or concentration
Experiencing a loss of interest and pleasure for things you once enjoyed
Feeling sad, angry, fearful, or in a generally depressed mood
Experiencing a sense of worthlessness or guilt

Neurofeedback treats depression at the source – the brain.

Depression is frequently related to brainwave imbalances in the left hand side of the brain. For example, when the frontal areas of the brain are asymmetrically activated, patients may exhibit signs of depression, including sadness, difficulty concentrating, or decreased motivation.  Neurofeedback works to train the brain to even out these differences and asymmetry.  Training with neurofeedback teaches patients how to naturally increase blood-flow and balance activation levels in the brain, which treats depression painlessly and without medication!

Anxiety, panic attacks, neurofeedback

Sessions are short and relaxing.

What is to be expected at a neurofeedback session?  Sessions are typically 30 minutes long and are a relaxed, pleasant, and enjoyable experience. Patients sit comfortably with two small sensors attached to the scalp while they watch a video.  During the session, we measure the patient’s brainwaves through the sensors, which provide us with immediate feedback on how the brain is functioning.  From there, we adjust the video input to re-train the brain to produce the desired brainwaves and balance brain activity.

We are changing the brain for long term relief

Neurofeedback training makes improvements by creating new neuropathways within your brain, and the effects of the training last a long time.  The new neuropathways keep the brain active and balanced, allowing for clearer thinking and an increase in positive emotions.  This training works using “operant conditioning”. This is a fully natural process your brain uses to learn any new a skill, such as riding a bike. And, just like that skill, the new, healthier pathways remain for a lifetime. The result – Long Term Relief from Depression

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Anxiety, panic attacks, neurofeedback
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