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Help For Anxiety & Panic Attacks In Winnetka, IL

Computer-based technology now makes it possible to get permanent relief without medications!

End Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Eliminate the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety or stress and worry are common feelings, but for those who suffer from panic attacks, these feelings can be severe and ongoing.  Anxiety attacks can interfere with daily life, and be a crippling, exhausting condition to live with.

Neurofeedback creates a calmer brain.

For those patients suffering with anxiety attacks, there is often an elevated level of Beta brainwaves in one portion of the brain. Through neurofeedback training, these Beta brainwaves can be reduced and brought into balance with the other brainwaves. This can lead to an end to panic attacks.

Imagine your life worry-free! Neurofeedback can help achieve this new, more harmonious way of life by creating new healthier neuropathways in your brain. The new pathways allow you to regain control of your emotions for the long term.

One Patent`s Experience:

“Before discovering neurofeedback, I was extremely depressed to the point of not leaving the house. Anxiety controlled my life. Now, I am more focused, I procrastinate less and have a clearer mind. I no longer constantly think negatively about myself, and anger no longer controls my life. This has truly been a blessing in my life!”

Anxiety, panic attacks, neurofeedback

What can I expect during a training session?

Neurofeedback training is pain-free and done in a relaxing environment.  Our new patients are first given a “brain map”, also known as a quantitative electroencephalogram. Once this information is collected, we create an individualized neurofeedback training program designed to help eliminate your panic attack symptoms.

Neurofeedback sessions are 30 minutes long and involve watching a video while two small sensors read your brainwaves in real-time. As these brainwaves are monitored, the audio and visual parts of the video change, giving your brain feedback, based on the real time measurements of your brainwave activity. This feedback helps your brain develop new, healthier neural pathways. These new pathways can lead the way to a calmer, happier mental balance. No more panic attacks!

The improvements are long-lasting.

Much like muscle memory in the rest of the body, once your brain has learned this new way of thinking, it stays with you.  Neurofeedback training creates new, healthier neural connections that can result in less anxiety and an elimination of the source of many panic attacks. On top of lasting results, the process is completely natural, leading to no side effects!

We are here to help you live a calmer, happier life.

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Anxiety, panic attacks, neurofeedback
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