Help For Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) In Winnetka, IL

Permanent relief is possible without putting your kids on medications!

Eliminate ADD/ADHD Symptoms – Permanently!

Roughly 6 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Children with ADD/ADHD are often quite intelligent, but struggle to succeed due to the loss of focus, concentration and poor impulse control associated with ADHD.

Many methods of reducing ADD/ADHD symptoms include using medication to increase focus and self-control.  Neurofeedback reduces ADD/ADHD symptoms naturally, so you can get results without side effects!


How does neurofeedback eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Patients with ADD and ADHD often have a high level of Delta brainwaves, which send the message that the brain is in a deep relaxation mood, decreasing their ability to focus or concentrate. In addition, an excess of Beta brainwaves are usually present in the right hemisphere, creating the hyperactivity ADHD is known for. Neurofeedback training is designed to help the brain balance these brainwaves, and create new neuropathways, which increases their focus, improves cognitive abilities, and leads to more stable emotions. 

These results are long lasting, so the result is: No More ADD or ADHD Symptoms.

One Parent’s Experience:

“I highly recommend this treatment for anyone with a child who really needs help with self control and concentration. Over the course of treatment we saw vast improvement in both of these areas. Truly grateful to see such benefits without any medications or side effects.”

Help for attention-deficit-disorder
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Training sessions are short, easy, and fun.

First, brain mapping is done to determine how the brain is working. This is a non-invasive procedure that measures brainwaves with a group of small sensors placed on the scalp.  Once this data is collected, we use the information to create a customized training plan.

Neurofeedback sessions last 30 minutes and are a pleasant experience. In fact, all the patient needs to do is relax and watch a video! Two small sensors are placed on the scalp to measure the brainwaves in real-time.  The data collected by the sensors is used to adjust the audio and visual components of the video, in real-time. This feedback helps the brain develop new neural connections over time.

This process of learning is called “operant conditioning”. It is a fully natural process that we use every day when learning a how to do something new. The result of these new, healthier neural connections – better focus, concentration and impulse control!

Ongoing positive results.

Neurofeedback creates new neuropathways in the brain, which are permanent. Remember learning to swim, or ride a bike? You practiced the activity until your brain learned how to do it correctly. And just like riding a bike, the neural pathways built during neurofeedback allow your brain to function better – for the long term.

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Help for attention-deficit-disorder

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