Help For Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) In Winnetka, IL

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Eliminate ADD/ADHD

How can neurofeedback eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Patients with ADD and ADHD often have a high level of Delta brainwaves, which can decrease their ability to focus or concentrate. The hyperactivity in children associated with ADHD is frequently linked to an excess of Beta brainwaves in the right side of the brain. Neurofeedback training is designed to help the brain create new neuropathways. The result is an improvement in brain efficiency – better focus, improved cognitive abilities, and leads to a calmer more relaxed child or adult.   

Training sessions are short, easy, and fun.

First, brain mapping is done to determine how the brain is working. This is a non-invasive procedure that measures brainwaves with a group of small sensors placed on the scalp.  Once this data is collected, we use the information to create a customized training plan.

Neurofeedback sessions last 30 minutes and are a pleasant experience. Both kids and adults find the experience relaxing and enjoyable. All you have to do is relax and watch a movie, or a video. While you enjoy the video, the brainwaves are constantly measured using two small sensors, which are placed on your scalp. The data collected by the sensors is used to adjust the audio and visual components of the video, in real-time. This feedback helps the brain develop new neural connections over time.

This process of learning is called “operant conditioning”. It is a fully natural process that we use every day when learning a how to do something new. The result of these new, healthier neural connections –an end to ADD and ADHD symptoms!

One Parent’s Story:

“My son just finished neurofeedback treatment, and I am amazed at the results!  At first, I was skeptical, but we were willing to try just about anything, and I’m so glad we did!  My son went from crazy hyperactivity and emotional meltdowns over nearly anything, to being calm, with no more hour-long meltdowns. Now, he is more able to think about his behavior and the consequences, instead of being completely impulsive. Definitely recommend!”

Help for attention-deficit-disorder
Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

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Ongoing positive results.

Neurofeedback creates new neuropathways in the brain, which can lat for a lifetime.  Remember when you learned how to swim, or ride a bike? You practiced the activity until your brain and body learned how to do it correctly. Your muscle may change, but the neural pathways for those activities remain yours for the keeping. This will allow your brain to function better – for the long term.

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Help for attention-deficit-disorder

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